• Practical Home Tips: Prevent and Handle Leak Roof

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    roof Practical Home Tips: Prevent and Handle Leak RoofAre you ready for the leak roof attack? If you are not ready then inevitably, you have to spend time, energy and materials to address these issues than the comfort of residents are always disturbed when it rains. Consider a few tips from this article.

    Some steps that you should do are as soon as possible to detect the cause. Like a sick person, then it must be diagnosed correctly to choose how the treatment therapy. There are several reasons why your roof can easily leak:

    1. Construction errors
    Generally it is influenced by the slope of the roof is less precise. On the type of roof cover commonly used by the people, should have a slope between 30-40 degrees. Less than that is guaranteed leak-prone due to PIAs of bulk water from the rain and more prone to sagging tile position which also resulted in a leaky roof. The solution of this problem is to rearrange the slope of the roof (aka loading and total) or a less expensive by giving either leak proof coating sheets of plastic or something at the bottom of the tile. So even if water enters through the gaps between the tiles will still be held by a plastic layer and then flowed down until towards gutters. If the architectural design of the house requires the slope of the roof is made of more than 40 degrees, choose a tile that has nail holes to lock the position of the tile so as not to sag. Many famous brands tile in the store building is equipped with nail holes.

    2. Installation errors
    Generally occurs because the builders are less careful when spelling locations roof ‘vulnerable’ attacked by rainwater. For example, the location of ridge, the connection edge and gutters. For example at the pinnacle / rooftop, which if made too high it will be prone to cracking resulting leak when exposed to rain. The solution is to give a kind of waterproof coating rubber chamfer on the part of the leak. When your house is built, select a skilled craftsman and ask them to be careful when doing work on these parts.

    3. Quality Selection of Materials
    Any roof covering material has its own character. Tile for example, between the clay tile with ceramic tile ceramic tile is obviously better to hold rain water and water-resistant due to the nature of its interlocking design. This obviously affects the slope of the tolerance that can be applied to your home. Similarly, there are other materials such as galvanized sheets and asbestos. Asbestos may be much cheaper but the resistance to weathering is clearly more robust galvanized sheets. Selection of quality material is crudely obvious effect on the resistance to attack by rain water.

    4. Damage Weather
    The roof is part of the structure of the building suffered the most due to weather, due to exposure to the sun’s heat when exposed to water during the dry season and rainy season. No matter how strong your home roofing material, over time will be degraded due to weather. Arising due to the damage is usually intangible cracks at the junction edge, cracks in the clay tile, porous zinc / rusted or faded paint coatings on concrete roof tiles. The solution to this is to perform periodic maintenance every year to extend the life / life time roof material. For example: painting concrete roof tiles with tile paint, adding a layer of waterproofing the concrete, and so on.

    step ladder Practical Home Tips: Prevent and Handle Leak Roof

    Last but not least, use the right tools like high quality step ladders. You should consider using a good one unless you want to get into trouble, you know what I mean right?

    Have fun guys!